AEE 279 Part 2: Learn How to Meet Someone New in English in a Confident and Easy Way

flowers2Do you struggle when you meet someone new in English?

In Part 2 of today’s episode, Lindsay and Mo break down their unrehearsed, first time meeting from Part 1, and talk about what it means to you learning English!


In Part 1 of this episode, Lindsay met Mo.  They hadn’t met before and didn’t know what was going to come up in their spontaneous conversation.  Now, in Part 2, the two of them discuss what worked, and what didn’t.


Some of the discussion points in Part 2:

  • How can you feel confident in English conversations?
  • How can you be respectful about gender and other differences when meeting someone new?
  • How can you allow your true curiosity about the other person come out even though your English isn’t perfect?


What did you get out of this conversation?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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