AEE Episode 2: Interviewing in the United States

Are you interviewing in the United States in the future?

Today you will learn:

How to answer the most common interview question in the United States

Key phrases

  • To fill out: To complete an application. Example: “Please fill out this application if you are interested in the job”
  • The key: Something that unlocks an opportunity. Example: Education is the key to freedom”

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  • Tell us about yourself”: This phrase is used a lot in interviews and can also be used in casual conversation, or at a party. Example:  “Thanks for coming to today’s interview. Tell me about yourself.”
  • “What do you do”- whad-daya do? : This means “what do you do for work?” Example:  “It’s great to meet you. What do you do?”

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  1. * fill out the form, please.
    * aside from listenning allearenglish podcast, what resouces do u use?
    * word ” english” starts with e
    * AEE make me feel that sense of itimacy with english. it really help out
    * slang and idiom can be tricky for me sometimes. I like challenges so I tend to stick with it to find out these meanning
    * learning english is such as cool field to be in
    * hello everybody, all listener near and far!
    tell me about yourself? for me, it stands out a little bit more formal
    when I learn pronunciation , I try to slow dow and be clear

  2. In my opinion interviews in English are easier than in Portuguese, because they focus more on the English words you are using than in your answers haha!

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