AEE Episode 3: When Should You Study English?

Hi everyone!

When should you study English?

Do you know the time of day to study?

In this episode you will:

Learn the best time of the day to study English

When should you study English?

Study in the morning. Why? Your willpower will be stronger!

The night before, write down what you want to do the next morning.

Willpower is a muscle.

If you get up early, your willpower depletes throughout the day.

Start with a small task in the morning that you can complete.

Make English a part of your morning!

Put your ears into English as soon as you wake up

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When your favorite time to study?

Please let us know in the comments!

When do you have the most energy?

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  2. Hi… would my answers be marked wrong if i capitalize the first letter of all my answers even if these are not proper nouns in listening and reading?

  3. 1) I should study English in the early morning because my willpower will be stronger!
    2) The night before, I should write down what I’m gonna do the next morning.
    3) I’ll start with a small task in the morning which I can complete.
    4) I’ll put my ears into English as soon as I wake up.
    5) Make English as a part of my body.

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