AEE 1121: Pull Over! It’s English Vocabulary Time

Have you heard somebody use the phrase “pull up” or even “pull in”? Does this type of phrase confuse you in English? Do you want to know how to use these common and somewhat similar phrases in conversations when you talk about driving a car?… Read More

AEE 1074: Below, Under, Beneath, Underneath and How to Keep Them Straight in English

Do you hear people use certain words interchangeably in English? Does this seem a bit confusing to you? There are some words that seem close such as below, underneath under, and beneath that seem similar. We’re going to show you how to use them and… Read More

Halloween English spooky phrases

AEE 1044: Break Out the Candy Corn! Celebrate Halloween with These Deathly Phrases

It’s almost Halloween! Do you wonder what exactly that means in the US? You’ve probably seen the decorations out for a while now, but is there more to it than just that? Do you see people dress up and do you want to possibly dress… Read More

Do I know you navigate embarrassing situation in English

AEE 1035: Do I Know You? How to Navigate this Embarrassing Situation in English

 Have you ever had someone start talking to you and you can’t remember who they are? Do you recognize them but feel uncertain as to who they actually are? We’ve all been in that situation before and it can be pretty awkward. We’re going to… Read More

when in rome English expression

AEE 1031: Monkeys, Raw Eggs, and Philly Cheese Steaks-How to Comment on Your Local Experiences

Have you ever been faced with a new situation when traveling? Have you ever been challenged to try something new or get outside of your comfort zone? If you have ever heard the phrase “when in Rome”, then there’s a good chance that you have… Read More