how to respond to request in English

AEE 1020: Would You Mind Taking Care of My Dog?! How to Respond in English

Do you hear people say “would you mind” in conversation? Do you know how to respond when someone asks for you for a favor using “you would mind”? This can be a confusing question in English, mostly because you want to answer it in the… Read More

how to learn in creative mode English

AEE 1005: Are You In Survival or Creative Mode? Find Out Why It Matters for English

Do you feel like you live your life in fear often? Do you consider yourself to be creative? When it comes to learning to speak English, do you let yourself enjoy the process and get creative? If you haven’t thought about these things, it can… Read More

AEE 961: How to Describe Your Style and Flair in English

Do you have your own style? Are there things that make you unique or special? Do you want to know how to express things about your style in English? We’re going to look at different terms that talk about style and how you can use… Read More

AEE 960: That’s Neat! Should You Add This Word to Your Vocabulary?

Have you heard somebody say “that’s neat” in English before? Is this confusing since you might associate “neat” with tidy or clean? Have you found yourself wondering if this is another slang term that you aren’t used to hearing? We’re going to look at when… Read More

how to talk about daylight in English

AEE 956: How to Spice Up Your Typical Weather Conversations in English

Do you have a favorite season or time of year? Have you heard others talk about their favorite time of year in English? When the sun is out longer in the spring and summer months, it’s quite common to hear people talk about daylight. Being… Read More