AEE 1211: The Lottery Conditional

Have you heard people talk about what they would have done differently in a past situation in English? This brings us to our third conditional, and it’s an important one to understand. Let’s start off by looking at a roleplay to understand how this conditional… Read More

AEE 1197: How Much Native English Should You Be Consuming?

Do you listen to podcasts and shows that are made only for English learners? Do you ever try to use videos or podcasts that are made for native speakers of English? We’re going to talk about which type works best and will help to push… Read More

AEE 1188: Did You Mess Up? How to Use This Phrase Delicately

When was the last time that you messed up? Have you heard that phrase used a lot in English? This ultimately means to make a mistake, but it can be tough to know when it’s okay to use it in English. We’re going to look… Read More

AEE 1183: Find Your Project, Find Your Fluency

Do you get bored with the traditional ways to learn English? If you are an adult who has been learning English with textbooks and classrooms your whole life and if you have hit a wall then you MUST try something else. Today’s episode is inspired… Read More