AEE 279 Part 1: Listen to a Real, Spontaneous First-time Meeting in English

Are you looking for an authentic English conversation? Today, listen to Part 1 of a real, authentic example of two people using English to get to know each other!    In Part 1 of this episode, Lindsay meets Mo.  Mo is from New Zealand but has lived all… Read More

AEE 274: Why It’s Hard to Date in a Big American City and What to Do About It

Why is dating in a big city so difficult? Today, returning guest Jessica Coyle talks about some of the obstacles, and shares 3 tips to improve your odds of success!   Jessica doesn’t consider herself a relationship expert.  However, she goes on many dates, and blogs about… Read More

AEE 258: 3 Resources to Be An Inspired English Learner in 2015

Where do you find inspiration to learn English? Today, learn 3 places where you can find compelling, interesting content to move you to the next level!   We live in a time of abundant online resources for learning English.  In fact, there are so many that it can be… Read More

AEE 256: Exaggerate or Understate? 3 Key Differences Between American and British English

Did you know there are differences between British and American English? Today, Lindsay talks with teacher and author Douglas Amrine about three key differences, and why these matter for you in a job interview!   Douglas has spent half his life in the United States and half… Read More

AEE 232: What You MUST Know About Interviews in the United States

Do you want to get a job in the US? Today, Lindsay and our guest, Brad C. discuss what you need to know to excel at an American job interview. We’ll also find out how American job interviews are different from job interviews in your country.  … Read More