AEE 230: Going to San Francisco? Learn How to “Get Local” with italki Teacher Sarah Honour

Do you want some help with the local English in San Francisco? Today, San Francisco native Sarah Honour talks about how you can go local with your English in the City by the Bay!   San Francisco is one of the most unique and amazing cities… Read More

AEE 227: 4 Rules to Master the “Poetics of English Conversation” with Travis Wolven

How can you improve your English conversations? Is conversation a science? Find out today as Lindsay talks with Travis Wolven about the poetics of conversation!   Travis believes that a core principle of conversation is that, when two people are talking, they’re cooperating.  That is, they’re… Read More

AEE 226: How to “80/20” Your English to Make More Friends with italki Teacher Nick Vance

What should be your focus when learning English? How can you make the most of the time you invest in studying? Today Lindsay talks with Nick Vance about the 80/20 principle, and how it can improve your English conversations!   Nick believes that 80% of the positive benefits of… Read More

AEE 224: Do You Have GRIT? Learn How to Develop It with Fortune 500 Executive Coach Sarah Scala

Do you have grit for learning English? Today, Lindsay talks with Sarah Scala about the importance of persistence, both in life and in learning English!    Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up after a setback, and keep going.  It’s an important ability, and it’s… Read More

AEE 220: Find Your Zone of Genius with TEDx Speaker Laura Garnett

Do you have a potential for genius? How can you access it? Today Lindsay talks with Laura Garnett, creator of the Zone of Genius Assessment, about how you can discover your own zone of genius!   The Zone of Genius is your innate talents combined with… Read More