AEE 166: 3 Ways Your Apartment Can Make You Successful in the US

Can your home make you successful in the US? Today we discuss 3 ways your apartment can make you successful in the U.S. Dr. Anne Copeland studies what makes international professionals and families successful when they live abroad.  Her research study “At Home Abroad” looked at… Read More

AEE 161: Presentation Panic?! How to Take Control of Q&A in English

Do you panic during English presentations? Do you worry about losing control when the question and answer session comes up? Are you worried that you won’t be able to understand the questions from the audience? For non-native English speakers, the question and answer period of… Read More

AEE Episode 22: Get Accepted at a University in the United States- 3 Tips

Today you will find out 10 things that you MUST know to get accepted at a university in the United States! Check out today’s episode! What are the tips? Clean up your social media accounts: 30% of American admissions counselors check applicants out online. It… Read More

AEE Episode 2: Interviewing in the United States

Are you interviewing in the United States in the future? Today you will learn: How to answer the most common interview question in the United States Key phrases To fill out: To complete an application. Example: “Please fill out this application if you are interested… Read More