Kevin English literature tutor

AEE 413: Three Ways to Use Literature to Connect in English

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to use literature to deepen your fluency and connect with other English speakers. Practicing grammar and vocabulary are not the only ways to improve your English. Try grabbing Shakespeare or Walden! Today let’s meet Kevin. Kevin is an… Read More

AEE 407: How to Invite your Friends to a Digital Detox Weekend in English

Do you need a digital detox? Today find out how to invite your friends to take part in a digital detox weekend where you leave technology behind and enjoy being together or being out in nature! Lindsay took a digital detox weekend on an island… Read More

AEE 404: How to Become “Rejection Proof” with Jia Jiang

In today’s episode you’ll find out how to become free when it becomes to your fear of rejection so that you can start more English conversations and accomplish anything you want in life. Today we are honored to have an exciting guest on the show!… Read More